Welcome To Earth

Welcome To Earth

A tribute to the 50th birthday of the first man on the moon, a reflection of the feeling of isolation or simply an ode to Earth.
“Welcome to earth” gathers many concerns of our time.

My project began several years ago and aims to demonstrate the beauty of Earth through the eye of an “Earthonaut”.
For the project, this character needs to  physically visit the places, to be fully part of it.
But the real “model” is obviously the Earth.

Many people say we will soon live on Mars or on a second Earth. My appetite for Sci-Fi and desire of discoveries hope it too.
But d
o we need to travel in the infinity of space to find what we have already here?

What is the meaning of living on an other planet if we respect it as we do with Earth?  Will we have to live in spacesuit or masked for ever? 

I try through this project showing people that there are plenty of extraterrestrial and magnificent landscapes on Earth.
To make them aware that elsewhere is not necessarily better.

And merely invite them to contemplate what we have already around us.

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