Welcome To Earth

Chapter 1: Welcome To Earth

First chapter of a photographic trilogy highlighting the relationship between Man and his habitat, Welcome to Earth is above all an ode to the blue planet.

This project takes us across the globe and brings together many subjects of our time. A declaration to the Earth, an echo to the feeling of loneliness that we all experienced during the global pandemic C-19 the relationship of Mankind with Nature and the need to take care of it.

This project started several years ago and highlights the beauty of the earth through the presence of a character: The “Terronaut”.
It is important for this project that the character moves physically, in order to be part of the environment.
And even if the photograph is marked by his presence, the Earth remains the main “model” of this series.

I try to immerse the viewer in the space suit, symbol of Discovery and Exploration, and to project a new look on the landscape that surrounds us.

Many anticipate life on the Moon, Mars or elsewhere very soon. My appetite for science fiction and great discoveries also wishes it. This triptych under construction addresses different questions: Will we be able to recognize the beauty of the earth and respect it before it is too late?   Will we live elsewhere as we do on Earth? Will we take better care of this new habitat? Will we have to live constantly in a suit or in a mask?

With this first part I present different landscapes to the viewer, both beautiful and almost extra-terrestrial and make him think that maybe…

elsewhere is here..

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